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The Breeders

American alternative rock band formed in 1988 by Kim Deal of the Pixies and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses.
Britt Walford Kim Deal Tanya Donelly Josephine Wiggs Carrie Bradley Kelley Deal Jon Mattock Mando Lopez Richard Presley Jose Medeles Jim MacPherson


Artwork for release LSXX The Breeders LSXX 1 x CD, 2 x CD May 2013
Artwork for release Mountain Battles The Breeders Mountain Battles 1 x CD 08 Apr 2008
Artwork for release Pod The Breeders Pod 1 x CD 1992
Artwork for release Title TK The Breeders Title TK 1 x CD 20 May 2002

Featured On

Various Alternator 1 x CD 1996
Various No Alternative 1 x CD 1993