Photo of Artist Drop Nineteens

Drop Nineteens

Greg Ackell, Paula Kelley, Motohiro Yasue, Steve Zimmerman, Chris Roof
Shoegaze act from Boston, MA, who were active in the early '90s and broke up in 1994. Thirteen demo songs that remain unreleased, "Mayfield," can be found on the Web. They are culled from tapes. Original line-up: Greg Ackell: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter Paula Kelley: Vocals, Guitar Motohiro Yasue: Guitar Steve Zimmerman: Bass Chris Roof: Drums Paula Kelley, Chris Roof, and Motohiro Yasue left after the first album and were replaced by: Megan Gilbert: Vocals, Guitar Pete Koeplin: Drums Justin Crosby: Guitar
Steve Zimmerman Greg Ackell Paula Kelley Motohiro Yasue Chris Roof Justin Crosby Megan Gilbert Justin Crosby Peter Koeplin


Artwork for release Delaware Drop Nineteens Delaware 1 x CD 1992